Every year, 100,000 babies don't make it to their first birthday because of CHD.

Raise awareness and funding for congenital heart disease (CHD) with Orangetheory Fitness and Save the Heartbeat for American Heart month!

The Accelerate your Heartbeat Challenge is a month-long fundraiser in February to raise awareness and funding for CHD! Whether you're an Orangetheory member or not, there are ways you can get involved!

1) Donate to "Torture your Coach" Challenges!

Orangetheory members can donate to "Torture your Coach" challenges at the studios in Glendora, Claremont and Pasadena! New challenges will roll out all month long, the amount you donate will determine how many repetitions your coach will complete!

How to donate: bring cash, check, or credit card to the studio.

2) Join a 90-minute "Splats for Scars" fundraising class!

Classes will be held on February 24th at OTF Claremont @ 11:15am and OTF Glendora @ 12:30pm! Donate based on your splat points with a minimum commitment of $12. You do not need to be an Orangetheory member to join this special class, anyone can sign up!

How to join the Glendora class: Call the studio at (626) 804-1655 
How to join the Claremont class: call the studio at (909) 929-1275

3) Complete the Out of Studio "Splats for Scars" workout! 

Are you out of area and still want to join in on the fun? There's options for both Orangetheory members and non-members!

  • Download the pledge form below
  • Fill out the form and decide how much you want to donate (minimum $12 commitment)
  • Sign your pledge and waiver and return to hello@savetheheartbeat.com
  • You will receive the 90-minute workout within 24 hours of returning your forms
  • Orangetheory members - use the OTbeat app to track your splat points and submit your Workout Summary to hello@savetheheartbeat.com by March 1st
  • Complete your 90-minute Splats for Scars workout anytime in the month of February - don't forget to tag @savetheheartbeat and #SplatsforScars!